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 Photo: Blane “Bravo” Bent & Ed Dvorak in SAFETY: A PLAY ABOUT COMMUNITY-POLICE RELATIONS. This play toured Ithaca throughout September 2014 to sold-out houses and great responses. All tickets were Pay-What-You-Can. [Photo credit: Durst Breneiser]


Theatre is good for you. Even the scientists agree!

This is why Civic Ensemble believes that theatre is everyone’s birthright. Not only do we bring theatre to new audiences, we invite everyone to participate in what we do. From community-based plays, to our commitment to hiring local artists, to all of the Civic Engagement work we do, every project we work on holds true to the mission that theatre is, in fact, for all of us. This means that theatre must be accessible for everyone. 

That is why we believe in the innovative Pay What You Can Ticket model. So far, the majority of the shows and readings we’ve produced have invited audiences to name the price they choose to pay for their ticket! The photo you see above, for example, is from our recent tour of SAFTEY: A Play About Community-Police Relations. All audiences enjoyed the freedom of a “Pay What You Can” ticket.  For some, “pay what you can” means 25 dollars; for others it may be 25 cents. High ticket costs should never be an obstacle to someone who wants to be a part of the theatrical community.

We offer relevant, affordable, gripping, professionally produced plays and readings, and that costs money. Space must be rented, and artists deserve to be paid. But instead of mandating a ticket price that many members of our community would not be able to afford, we can continue to offer Pay What You Can tickets to all of our productions. But we need your help. Every donation of $25 will subsidize the cost of one theatre ticket in our 2015 season. Can you make two or three tickets a reality for a family that needs your help?

Your generous donation can help us realize this vision: theatre is not simply for those who can afford it. Theatre is everyone’s birthright.

Civic Ensemble is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. Donations are fully tax-deductible.

Thank you for your support of the arts!

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